Brandon and I love eating Chinese food. I honestly did not like Chinese food until I met him. The first time I can remember really enjoying the food was when we spent a weekend in Birmingham with his family. I am not certain of the name of the restaurant, but it is the best we have ever eaten. Anytime we eat at a Chinese restaurant we compare it to the food from Birmingham.

We have a local restaurant that is almost as good as the food in Birmingham. We usually order from there when we have a sore throat. Hot and Sour soup will cure any sickness I do believe. Another reason that we order the local Chinese is because you can get a large quantity for a small price. However, our local restaurant is not always open and, when it is, it can be flooded with orders. So, to satisfy our Chinese craving, I found a recipe on Pinterest for fried rice that is in close comparison to the real thing. The best thing about this recipe is you can make it in about 20 minutes and it only uses a few ingredients, which you probably have on hand. All you need is Minute brown rice, vegetable oil, 2 eggs, chicken broth, soy sauce, frozen peas and carrots, and any meat you would like to add. For the recipe, click here.

The only thing I did different was I added shrimp instead of chicken. The best part of that is we could put as much shrimp as we wanted because most places only give a few pieces and it seems that we have to fight over how many pieces we get. So, of course, I added a good bit. I also served this dish with Pagoda Express White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls.

I believe Birmingham and our local restaurant have better flavor than this dish, but it will cure any blues for Chinese. You will definitely get that salty flavor from the soy sauce. I added about 2 tbsp extra for taste.

This dish will definitely feed a small crowd. In our case, it was way too much food for 2 people. Make sure to add water or butter when reheating these leftovers so that the rice isn’t dried out. Now, if only I can learn to make Hot and Sour soup.