I had a sweet surprise Sunday morning. Sweet in more than one way because my husband was so sweet to cook breakfast and he fried some sweet donuts and donut holes. Don’t get the impression that he normally doesn’t cook breakfast because he does on the weekends when he feels like it, but it has been a long time since he has cooked something different other than biscuits, eggs, and bacon.

Brandon said this was the quickest he has ever made breakfast. It only took him about 15 minutes total, including prepping and cooking. All he did was heat the oil, cut the holes out with a bottle cap, dropped the donuts and donut holes into the oil, melted the butter and mixed the cinnamon and sugar, and rolled the donuts into the mixture. For the recipe, check out Southern Plate.

I am sure you already have most or all the ingredients in your kitchen.  All you need is 1 can of biscuits, sugar, cinnamon, butter, and vegetable oil. Since this was a last minute thing, Brandon made a few adjustments because of the availability of ingredients in the kitchen. The only can of biscuits we had was Grands! Jr. Golden Homestyle Honey Butter Biscuits and he used Canola oil. I think you can get by with an extra can of biscuits because we had plenty of the cinnamon sugar mixture leftover.

These donuts will make your kitchen smell like Christmas. I love the smell of cinnamon! When you take the first bite, you will feel the crunch of the sugar granules along with the taste of the sweet sugar, salty butter, and spicy cinnamon. Even though the donuts are made out of canned biscuits, I did not notice much of a texture or flavor difference. However, the only problem I had with the donuts was they were a tad too sweet. The second day seemed to not be so sweet because the sugar had melted into the cinnamon and there wasn’t much of a sugary crunch. They were still pretty awesome for leftovers.

Here is a picture of Brandon rolling the donuts in the cinnamon and sugar mixture.


You may notice in the picture below that there are more donuts than donut holes and the truth is some made it to the cinnamon sugar mixture and some just made it out of the oil. But either way, they were delicious and too bad only 2 are left at the moment. At least we won’t have to fight over who gets the last donut.