This is not a fancy dish nor is it a pretty dish, but it’s one of those finger-licking-good kind of dishes. It is definitely messy, so make sure to grab plenty of napkins.

Brandon is the one created this meal. “Created” meaning he did not use a recipe. I know someone else has made this before, especially the bacon wrapped hot dog because we saw an episode Wednesday night of Diners, Drives, and Dives on the Food Network of a hot dog stand selling gourmet hot dogs from all over the U.S. and he sold these similar hot dogs except with lots of different toppings. However, I have not looked for any recipes relating to this meal, so I am just posting what my husband made the other night.

You will need:

  • a pack of hot dogs (we used Bryan’s Juicy Jumbos)
  • thick slices of bacon
  • chili peppers (We used mild peppers)
  • about 2-4 oz. of cream cheese, depending on how many peppers you have
  • hot dog buns, optional
  • toothpicks soaked in water
  • all the toppings you like for a hot dog
  • The most important tip to remember is to make sure the toothpicks have been soaked in water for 30-45 minutes. If they do not soak long enough, then the toothpicks burn and break off. I can assure you that you do not want to bite down on a piece of toothpick in your hot dog. I know from experience of forgetting to remove the toothpicks.

    Preheat the grill. Grab the peppers. Cut the top off and halfway down one side of the peppers and remove all the seeds. Fill the peppers with cream cheese, stopping just before you reach the top. Wrap the bacon from bottom to top and secure with the soaked toothpicks. Place on a plate and set aside.

    Now, grab the hot dogs. Wrap the bacon from top to bottom and secure with the toothpicks. Place these also on the plate.

    Cook the peppers and hot dogs on the grill, rotating every 1-2 minutes to get an even cook on the bacon.


    The picture below is not the best, but what it does not show is the power of flavor with each bite. Once you get to this point, place the hot dog in a bun, add your toppings, and throw a pepper on the side. I like my hot dog simple with mustard and pickled relish, while Brandon enjoys mayo, pickled relish, and cooked onions (even though I think he’s cheating because mustard and hot dogs have been best friends since the beginning of time). However, you can opt out of the bun and just grab a fork and a bottle of A1, which is one of my favorite ways to eat a hot dog. The best way to enjoy this meal is by pairing it with a good game of some American Football. We love our Cowboys and Bulldogs!