First of all let me say, Bourbon or any other alcohol was NOT used in the cooking process of these pork steaks. We do not drink or cook with alcohol.

Now that I have that off my chest, let me get to our dinner from Tuesday night. I pulled out a zip-lock bag of pork steaks from the freezer on Monday. When Brandon came home from work on Monday, he grabbed the McCormick Brown Sugar Bourbon marinade out of the cabinet and followed the directions on the packet to make the marinade. The main ingredients that you will need are McCormick Brown Sugar Bourbon marinade, 2 pounds chicken, beef, pork or shrimp, oil, water, and apple cider or white vinegar. He poured the marinade over the pork steaks in a plastic container and placed it in the refrigerator overnight.

Brandon took a picture of the packet for all of you to view.
Tuesday after work, Brandon turned on the gas grill to about medium to medium high heat. He grabbed his grilling tools and the pork steaks and grilled the steaks until done, about 10-12 minutes. Look how juicy they look.
As you can see, there are 2 large steaks and a baby piece on the plate. He only marinated the 2 large steaks in the McCormick marinade. The baby piece was quickly marinated in Dale’s sauce. Out of the 2, my personal favorite was the McCormick marinade. The first bite has your tongue tingling with the sweetness of the brown sugar and the bite of the mixture of vinegar and bourbon. The Dale’s has a burst of salty flavor, but it was not as flavorful as the other.

Brandon also grilled onion slices in a foil pack with butter and lemon pepper seasoning, which is something he normally cooks when he uses the grill. However, Brandon did not cook the whole meal. I did contribute to dinner by cooking a potato in the microwave. Since grilling doesn’t take a lot of time, I did not have time to bake the potato in the oven. I was plenty full and satisfied from everything on the plate.

This has been another awesome meal from the Griffin Kitchen.